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#102: ”The Future of Tech … is Human.” with Elaine Montilla of 5xminority | Educative Sessions

March 21, 2022

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The cloud has become the foundation for all the innovative technology today. This innovation is creating more opportunities. As a result, the best time to become a cloud engineer is now. Adora joined Microsoft as a cloud engineer in 2019. Getting introduced to cloud computing made her realize that there was a lot more to technology than she was exposed to. As a result, she chose to write a book that teaches about the cloud. In this episode, Adora shares about the cloud and her book.

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Elaine Montilla is the founder of 5xminority, Inc. a company and social media brand dedicated to empowering women and minorities, especially in Tech, with a mission to demonstrate how businesses can be powerful platforms for social change. She is also the Assistant Vice President and CIO for IT at the Graduate Center - CUNY, a TEDx Speaker, and a Forbes Technology Council member and contributor.

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Episode 102: "The Future of Tech ... is Human." with Elaine Montilla | Educative Sessions

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