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#109: ”From Eastern European Code Monkey to Silicon Valley Leader” with Swizec Teller of Tia | Educative Sessions

May 9, 2022

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Swizec Teller started his career coding PHP websites for $5/hour, now he leads teams at hyper growth startups in Silicon Valley. Along the way he learned a new senior mindset focused on business outcomes and ownership. He learned what makes these startup engineers special. Why they make those crazy salaries despite not being any better at writing code. Now he wants to share that with the world at

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Swizec Teller is a software engineer, author, educator, and indie hacker from Slovenia. His career in San Francisco changed how he thinks about coding and he wants to share those lessons.

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Episode 109: "From Eastern European Code Monkey to Silicon Valley Leader" with Swizec Teller of Tia | Educative Sessions

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