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#112: ”Giving Birth to ArtMonster” with Liz Howard | Educative Sessions

May 30, 2022

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What can ML actually do for a business? Liz Howard founded and runs an ML-enabled product business, using technologies labed "AI" for the maximum possible number of things as the thesis of the business. There are quite a few things AI can do for us, but not everything (yet.) AI is really more of a story than it is a technology? What about the copyright implications of AI Art? Liz will discuss what she actually uses AI technologies for & if it's worth it.


Liz Howard is a Computer Science Professor who works with and to educate and assess tens of thousands of students and engineers across the country every year. Her role is to determine how to assess software engineers of various types with industry-wide data science and 20 years of experience as an engineer, professor, and CTO. Right now Liz is founding ArtMonster, an AI-based design and fashion brand with an upcoming AI-based interface with ArtMonster, the name of the AI.

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Episode 112: "Giving Birth to ArtMonster" with Liz Howard | Educative Sessions

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