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#111: ”Tech Made Easy: The Power of Flutter” with Maria Elijah | Educative Sessions

May 23, 2022

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Maria Elijah started learning programming languages such as Python, etc. during her undergraduate study. She wasn't specific about her career path until she went for an internship program at an IT firm, where she got to work with developers; one of which was a Flutter developer. He gave her an overview of the Flutter framework. She then did her research, loved it, took a course, and started writing codes for any app design she could find online. She discovered that coding naturally became easy.

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Maria Elijah is a flutter developer and a technical writer. She makes DIY projects using hardware components such as Raspberry Pi, Arduino, etc. Using these components, she has written several articles. In sports, she is a fan of soccer and basketball. Maria also loves cooking and believes learning never stops.

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Episode 111: "Tech Made Easy: The Power of Flutter" with Maria Elijah | Educative Sessions

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