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#48: ”Climbing the Rugged Terrain of Tech in America” with Igor Packo of F5 Networks | Educative Sessions

March 10, 2021

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When Igor Packo decided to move to the U.S. from Europe to start a new life with his wife Dawn Saquin, he thought he would have an easy time as someone pursuing a career in tech. Instead, his journey to finding a job took years of paperwork, interview prep, and adjusting for living standards and culture. Learn about the barriers and added burdens of applying for tech work as an immigrant in this session. 

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Igor Packo is a software engineer with F5 Networks, based in Seattle, Washington. Originally from Slovakia, he is an avid outdoors person, often getting lost somewhere in a nearby mountain but fully confident he will make his way back home. 

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Episode 48: "Climbing the Rugged Terrain of Tech in America" with Igor Packo of F5 Networks | Educative Sessions

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