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#54: “How a Crypto CEO Took on an Actual Force of Nature” with Greg Edwards of CyberStopper | Educative Sessions

April 3, 2021

While Greg Edwards was taking a break from running a managed service provider (MSP) IT company to walk his dog in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, he found himself caught right in the thick of a LAND HURRICANE (a.k.a) derecho. Listen to the steps he took to keep his community safe as well as make sure his business stayed afloat during downed power lines and a maze of fallen trees.

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Greg has been a technology entrepreneur since 1998. Before Greg founded CryptoStopper, he started Axis Backup, a backup and disaster recovery company for the insurance industry. He saw firsthand the rapid increase in the damage cyber criminals were doing with debilitating malware resulting in high financial loss to vulnerable companies. Between 2012 and 2015, one in five of Axis Backup’s clients was hit by cybercrime. Greg realized effective cyber security could save businesses from costly downtime and compromised systems. In 2015, Axis Backup was acquired by J2 Global, freeing Greg to create CryptoStopper and focus exclusively on cybersecurity.

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Episode 54: "How a Crypto CEO Took on an Actual Force of Nature" with Greg Edwards of CyberStopper | Educative Sessions

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