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#56: “A Standup Comedian’s Guide to Working in Tech” with Sean Ottey of Roland Cloud | Educative Sessions

April 4, 2021

Without a high school degree, Sean Ottey stumbled into software development via support and quality assurance ... and eventually hated it. After discovering stand-up comedy, Sean learned to love changing hats and work his extroverted side, interacting with customers and solving problems in the technology world. 

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From a janitor job, Sean Ottey moved into a tech support position. Knowing he could do more, he leveraged his experience into a Testing position. From there, development came next. Microsoft, startups and large companies. Almost immediately, he hated it. Being a Stand Up comedian, he decided to combine his tech knowledge with his speaking experience. Eventually realizing that customer experience is the key, he now runs a Customer Success Team for Roland Cloud. Learn more at

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Episode 56: "A Standup Comedian's Guide to Working in Tech" with Sean Ottey of Roland Cloud | Educative Sessions

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