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#63: ”#LearnInPublic & The Career Coding Handbook” with Shawn Wang aka swyx | Educative Sessions

June 1, 2021

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Before Shawn Wang became @swyx, he worked in finance in Singapore, eventually realizing that the most interesting aspects of his work were ... based in code. Yet studying online and attending coding bootcamps was just the beginning: Shawn realized he had to start a movement inspired by his own love for creating developer experiences. Shawn talks about his work with the #LearnInPublic movement and his own contributions to the Educative platform.

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swyx aka Shawn Wang helps build great developer experiences, from documentation to dev tools to dev communities.He is a frequent writer and speaker best known for the Learn in Public movement and recently published The Coding Career Handbook with more advice for engineers going from Junior to Senior. swyx is currently working on Developer Experience at He am also a regular on the Svelte Radio podcast and my own Swyx Mixtape. You can find him on Twitter at @swyx.

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Episode 63: "#LearnInPublic & The Career Coding Handbook" with Shawn Wang aka swyx | Educative Sessions

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