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#64: ”Junior Developer … for Life?” with Rasheed Bustamam of Edvo | Educative Sessions

June 2, 2021

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Although Rasheed Bustamam has worked in a senior capacity in many projects, he prefers to consider himself a "junior developer for life." This mentality helps him set aside his experience and ego and try to look at every project with a junior's perspective, asking himself questions like "Why is this written this way?", "Is this simple enough to understand?", and "Where are the gaps in my knowledge?" These questions help him think through solving business problems in a less complex manner.

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Rasheed Bustaman is a self-educated software engineer. He went from working part time as a manager at an after-school learning center to working at a consulting firm, where he did enterprise consulting for organizations like Panzura and MIT. He started a cryptocurrency side project which ultimately got acquired, and now he going back to his roots in education by building a knowledge management software suite at Edvo.

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Episode 64: "Junior Developer ... for Life?" with Rasheed Bustamam of Edvo | Educative Sessions

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