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#73: ”From Engineer to Manager (and Back)” with Thibaut LaBarre of AngelList | Educative Sessions

August 23, 2021

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Thibaut LaBarre joined Amazon as an intern where he built Heartbeat, a Natural Language Processing tool that combines millions of data points from disparate feedback sources like product reviews, customer contacts, social media, and provides this information to worldwide product teams. Thibaut grew the team from my internship project to an organization of 20 engineers, transitioning into a manager role. After 7 years at Amazon, he made the jump back to a builder role at a startup.

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Thibaut LaBarre moved from France to Seattle 10 years ago to study computational linguistics at the University of Washington. He spent 7 years at Amazon in various software engineering roles. At the start of 2020, he made the jump to the startup world. On the side, he volunteers for Techstars Startup Weekend and is a long time organizer of the annual Startup Weekend Education series at the Seattle Public Library.

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Episode 73: "From Engineer to Manager (and Back)" with Thibaut LaBarre of AngelList | Educative Sessions

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