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#80: ”Mindset Over Matter: How I Learned to Learn Code” with Ngbede Alike | Educative Sessions

October 11, 2021

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Ngbede Alike came from humble beginnings before he attended university, studied chemical engineering, and eventually became a software engineer. However, he believes the problem with learning tech for people like him is not entirely a question of access. For him, much of it has to do with acquiring the right "mindset" to code.

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Ngbede Alike is a Java Engineer Trainee at Decagon and an award-winning contributor to the Edpresso platform at Educative. He would introduce himself as a dreamer. He hopes someday to work at Google, working on applications for billions of people and having an impact on the world through technology.

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Episode 80: "Mindset Over Matter: How I Learned to Learn Code" with Ngbede Alike | Educative Sessions

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