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#81: ”From the Academy to the Valley” with Davit Buniatyan of | Educative Sessions

October 18, 2021

At an early age, Davit Buniatyan was poised for a stellar career in academia. However, for some reason, he refused the call to jump into tech entrepreneurship after his PhD advisor at Princeton left to pursue a new calling. Eventually, Davit got the call to pursue his own startup idea as well. Check out David's story from the academy to the Valley.


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Before Davit Buniatyan started his PhD at Princeton at the age of 21, he was featured by TechCrunch at the age of 18. During his time at Princeton, he worked on a lot of fun stuff, such as making Alexa more human (which got him featured in CNet). Also, he reconstructed neurons inside mouse brains, which made him think of a radically more efficient way to handle data for machine learning. This idea got him into Y Combinator, where he started, a YC company. 

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Episode 81: "From the Academy to the Valley" with Davit Buniatyan of | Educative Sessions

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