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#88: ”African, Female, and Proud! My Leap into Tech” with Lois Badu-Nkansah | Educative Sessions

December 6, 2021
Lois Badu-Nkansah has always had a desire to learn a valuable skill in technology. She wanted to be equipped with a skill that can help her keep up with current times, where technology is taking over the world at a fast pace. Lois heard of an initiative for young African females in the month of July in 2021. This initiative was offering training in finance and technology, alongside a plethora of other life changing skills. She enrolled in the program, and her passion for tech has awakened ever since.
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Lois Badu-Nkansah is an ambitious, hardworking and talented young African woman. She is a burgeoning Accounting professional and she is also a technology and finance enthusiast who is studying to acquire skill in web development. Lois has extensive years in student leadership and is a bright, organized young adult ready to make impactful change in society and the world at large. You can reach her on Twitter at @Afua_Owireduaa or at


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Episode 88: "African, Female, and Proud! My leap into finance and tech" with Lois Badu-Nkansah | Educative Sessions

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