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#18: “One Step Beyond Logic: Founding a Bootcamp in a Tech-Saturated Community” with Josh Lucas of Academy Pittsburgh | Educative Sessions

November 7, 2020

Josh Lucas has worn many hats in service of his community: high school teacher, tech entrepreneur, startup incubator, business co-operative. His latest initiative - the Academy Pittsburgh - is a developer bootcamp with a with a unique set of challenges. Learn more about Josh's journey and lessons learned while providing a place for aspiring developers in his community.

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Josh Lucas was a high school teacher for over a decade. One day, he decided that he wanted to do something different. So he started a startup with no a priori or actual knowledge of what that meant. His startup didn't do great. It failed. But, along the way it occurred to him that a life's work is what you make of it. So he started another startup, and business incubator, and a cooperative, and a developer bootcamp. Etc, etc. This time he did have a priori and actual knowledge so he did better.

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Episode 18: “One Step Beyond Logic: Founding a Bootcamp in a Tech-Saturated Community” with Josh Lucas | Educative Sessions

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