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#21: “How a Designer Became the Company Hero … on the First Day” with Alex Cherednichenko | Educative Sessions

November 12, 2020

A few years ago, Alex Cherednichenko was a team leader on a tech startup. He received a notification from AWS that they were burning $40,000 per day in server power! It turned out their AWS keys got into hands of some crafty crypto miners. Unsure of what to do, Alex and the team started mitigation and investigation which led to a designer on their very first day who happened to know the exact solution to their problem. Hear what happened next in this very special Session.

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Alex Cherednichenko is an engineer, entrepreneur, and a big fan of cyberpunk and educational technology. He started with programmer roles 15 years ago at his first year of university and through many possible roles in engineering and project management. Alex bootstrapped own service company Logicify before joining DataArt, which builds educational technology services for vertical and startups.

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Episode 21: "How a Designer Became the Company Hero ... on the First Day" with Alex Cherednichenko | Educative Sessions

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