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#105: ”The Failed A/B Test That Saved Millions” with Oliver Palmer | Educative Sessions

April 11, 2022

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This is the story of an A/B test which failed miserably. What seemed like a brilliant idea lead to the conversion rate and revenue per visitor fall inexplicably through the floor. In the series of epiphanies which follow, our protagonist happens upon the realisation that his failure actually saved his employer millions of pounds.

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Oliver Palmer ran his first A/B test back in 2008 while contracting at a London law firm. He discovered with a handful of experiments and a few false starts that he was able to halve their cost of acquisition on Google’s most notoriously expensive PPC keyword. 

Since then, in addition to working as an experimentation practitioner, Oliver works as a consultant and coach to help enterprise businesses become more adept at running business experiments at scale. You can learn more at

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Episode 105: "The Failed A/B Test That Saved Millions" with Oliver Palmer | Educative Sessions

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