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#110: ”Learning to Thrive with ADD/ADHD” with Brett Greene | Educative Sessions

May 16, 2022

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Brett Greene has worked extensively for the Puget Sound technical community, but more recently he's been interested in diverting his energy towards a cause that's personal to him: managing ADD/ADHD. For many people, it's a term that's thrown around to describe a person's poor attention span, but for Brett it's a daily campaign to harness his brain to its maximum potential. For more, visit

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Brett Greene coaches tech executives through ADD, ADHD, and business challenges to be happier and more successful instead of failing because they don't have enough experienced support. Brett has appeared on NBC, CNBC and CBS television, & shared a stage with national government leaders. He has built an engaged technology community with over 60,000 members, worked with multiplatinum bands, been a Top 35 Social Media Power Influencer in Forbes, and spoken at the White House.

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Episode 110: "Learning to Thrive with ADD/ADHD" with Brett Greene of NewTech Northwest and Epsilon Coaching | Educative Sessions

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