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#27: “Thrown into the Deep End: Inheriting Legacy Code” with David Garrison of Quote Wizard | Educative Sessions

December 2, 2020

On three separate occasions, David Garrison has joined a team and, within a few months, has ended up as the most senior person on that team. For better or worse, David has had to learn how to dig into old projects with minimal documentation and no one to ask what this weird piece of logic does and why everything breaks when it's changed.

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David Garrison (they/them) is a Data Engineer, currently specializing in Azure and Snowflake databases and pipelines. They started out as a mathematician and scientist before finding their way into database work for a variety of industries ranging from International trade regulations, to Bible software, to insurance lead generation.

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Episode 27: "Thrown into the Deep End: Inheriting Legacy Code" with David Garrison of Quote Wizard | Educative Sessions

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