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#50: “Gaining My Focus Through Art and Engineering” with Parshad Patel | Educative Sessions

March 24, 2021

For much of his life, Parshad Patel struggled with being able to focus. He stammered when he communicated, avoided group activities, and often became lost in his own thought processes. After he sought professional help, Parshad realized the importance of being vulnerable in order to empower himself to change. Now that he is both a photographer and a professional in computer vision and deep learning, he's never been more comfortable in his own skin.

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Parshad Patel is a serial entrepreneur and pragmatic researcher. He enjoy building products and connecting with folks solving humanity's next generation, especially in food and waste management. Parshad I currently work as a Data Scientist, Computer Vision at Yummly. He is also a hardcore meditation practitioner, photographer and HIIT-er.

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Episode 50: "Gaining My Focus Through Art and Engineering" with Parshad Patel | Educative Sessions

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