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#74: ”’Timing’ in Building a Hardware Design Startup” with Kevin Mako | Educative Sessions

August 30, 2021

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Kevin started Mako Design + Invent in high school, then incorporated in University where Kevin was section class president at the Ivey Business School (Harvard's sister school). He then studied overseas at Hong Kong University for supply chain management & manufacturing. He then went full time at Mako Design + Invent in 2007 after nervously turning down the pick of the litter job offers. Still, to today, Mako Design has no debt, no financing, and no shareholders - a true grassroots organic startup story.

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Kevin Mako is the world’s leading expert on hardware startups. Founder of MAKO Design + Invent (, the pioneer firm for providing world-class end-to-end physical consumer product development tailored to inventors, product startups, & small manufacturers. Masters of Engineering lecturer, sits on a number of entrepreneurship & education boards, and holds the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award designation. Host of The Product Startup Podcast, the hardware development industry’s leading podcast.

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Episode #74: "'Timing' in Building a Hardware Design Startup" with Kevin Mako | Educative Sessions

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