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#75: ”From ’D’ to PhD in STEM” with Marsha Tufft of Putney Designs | Educative Sessions

September 6, 2021

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Marsha Tufft got her first D ever in physics – electricity and magnetism–sophomore year, and later went on to complete a Ph.D. in engineering. But that D rocked her world. She didn’t know if she had what it took to continue in engineering. When the rubber hit the road, it was the hobbies and creative design projects she did as a kid that provided the resilience and grit to stay the course.

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Marsha Tufft earned a BS in mechanical engineering, MS in aerospace engineering, and Ph.D. in materials engineering. Since retiring from GE Aviation, her passion is getting kids engaged in STEM fields through her stories and STEM experiments. She's been active with GE volunteers, Girl Scouts of Western Ohio, and also offers school visits in the Greater Cincinnati area. You can learn more at her website,! 

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Episode 75: "From 'D' to PhD in STEM" with Marsha Tufft of Putney Designs | Educative Sessions

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