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#78: ”I Brought a Drumset to a Python Meetup” with Boris Zalkin | Educative Sessions

September 27, 2021

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At the Python Meetup group in Munich, Germany, one of the organizers heard Boris Zalkin could drum. "What if you brought your drum kit to our next Meetup? What's the worst that could happen?" Even though he empathizes with the ears and experiential expectations of other Meetup attendees, Boris came to play. Check out the rest of this story.

Watch the YouTube HERE:


Boris Zalkin is Certified Software and Cloud Architect Expert who has solid experience designing and developing complex solutions based on the Azure, Google, AWS clouds. Boris has expertise in building distributed systems and frameworks based on Kubernetes, Azure Service Fabric, etc. His areas of interest include Enterprise Cloud Solutions, Edge Computing, High loaded Web API and Application, Multitenant Distributed Systems, Internet-of-Things Solutions.

Boris Zaikin's Medium blog:
The Epic Python Show videos with drums:
A post about the experience:

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Episode 78: "I Brought a Drumset to a Python Meetup" with Boris Zalkin | Educative Sessions

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