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#20: “An Uncertain Future: Automation’s Impact on BIPOC-Owned Businesses” with Domonique Meeks | Educative Sessions

November 10, 2020

Is automation technology a way for small businesses owned by Black, Indigeneous and People of Color (BIPOC) to survive COVID-19's economic downturn? Will they also reverse centuries of discrimination and finally level the playing field, or could they make matters even worse? Entrepreneur and No Blueprint Podcast host Domonique Meeks will share his thoughts on the subject, focusing on the city of Seattle.

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Domonique Meeks is the co-founder and creative director of Ambassador Stories. He is the host of the No Blueprint Podcast and a storyteller. His work revolves around digital access, and democratizing technology and media.

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Episode 20: "An Uncertain Future: Automation's Impact on BIPOC-Owned Businesses" with Domonique Meeks of Ambassador Stories and the City of Seattle

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