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#24: “Rubber Ducky Coding: A.I. and the Future of Online Education” with Alex Wyrick | Educative Sessions

November 20, 2020

When Alex Wyrick worked on a research project, the first half required him to study AI chatbots, and the second half needed a focus on online learning. He devised a plan to teach a kids coding camp, using a Slack channel to emulate the chatbot experience. He soon learned that chatbots don't need to do anything special to be helpful. They only need to be there ... like a rubber ducky.

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Alex Wyrick is a Senior UX designer at Hitachi Vantara where he specializes in product accessibility on their enterprise software. He is also an artist, a startup enthusiast, and an all around fanboy of all things EdTech. He hopes one day to put a small dent in improving the way that people learn.

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Episode 24: "Rubber Ducky Coding: A.I. and the Future of Online Education" with Alex Wyrick | Educative Sessions

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